03 Jul 2023

2023 FAI S World Championships for Space Models kick off in Austin, Texas

The stage is set, the competitors are ready, and the excitement is palpable...

The 2023 FAI S World Championships for Space Models have officially kicked off! With over 200 competitors from 17 different countries, this exciting large scale FAI event is taking place in Austin, Texas, USA from Sunday 2 July to Friday 7 July.

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Nine classes, one goal

During the championships, both Juniors and Seniors will be competing in nine different classes, all vying for the prestigious title of World Champion 2023. As an exciting addition, an Open International event will be held on Friday in the S2/P class (payload altitude models).

A perfect venue

The competition is being held at the Apache Pass Event Centre, a private airport situated in the bustling metropolitan area of Austin. The venue has been carefully designed to comply with all the necessary rules and regulations, ensuring the comfort and convenience of both participants and officials. To protect everyone from the expected hot weather throughout the week, there are two large tents and several smaller ones available. These spaces also provide an excellent opportunity for teams to connect, share experiences, and exchange ideas related to this fascinating activity.

Rocket engines

Estes Industries, one of the main sponsors of this event, will be supplying the rocket engines.

Opening Ceremony

Team China

The Opening Ceremony, which was packed with excitement, took place yesterday at the Southwestern University facilities. It was attended by local officials and was preceded by a Judges Training Session and a Team Managers Meeting.

FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM) President and Jury Member Antonis Papadopoulos declared:

“Congratulations to the organisers the National Association of Rocketry, the Academy of Model Aeronautics and the National Aeronautic Association for this well-prepared FAI event. I wish all the competitors the best of luck!”

Team Spain

Top picture: Team Ukraine
Photo credit: Antonis Papadopoulos