23 Aug 2011

CIAM Flyer 03-2011 : ...and it does fly!

The Archaeopteryx Story - from Primeval Bird to a Glider Plane that can be Launched on Foot.

The flying capabilities of the Archaeopteryx – or primeval bird as it is also called – are disputed in modern palaeontology. Meantime, numerous fossils of bird-like dinosaurs have been discovered. Whether Archaeopteryx's flying attempts were only gliding flights or whether it could actually take off from the ground remains unclear.

What is certain, however, is that the glider "Archaeopteryx", built by two aeroplane designers, can be launched on foot from any slope or mountain, weighs only 50 kg and has excellent flight characteristics. Click to download the full content of the latest CIAM Flyer (03-2011) - And it does fly! The Archaeopteryx Story  in PDF format !