13 Jan 2018

CIVL Media Support for FAI Category 2 Events

With the aim of promoting our sports, starting from the beginning of 2018, CIVL introduces new service for paragliding and hang gliding competitions.
Each competition sanctioned as category 2 will have a chance to use FAI CIVL Facebook page for its promotion and potential participants information.
Each event is granted 2 posts: one announcing the opening of the registration to the competition and another announcing the results and winners. The posts will lead to the event website.
The number of posts is limited to 2 due to the modest workforce of CIVL. In exceptional cases, e.g. in case you have a nice video, a 3rd post can be published or shared from your competition’s Facebook, YouTube or Vimeo page.

To get CIVL Facebook announcement support, please send your text + 1 to 4 high-quality photos to civl_comps@fai.org after your event has been sanctioned and the registration is open, do not forget to write your event ID number on the calendar. For the winners’ podium post, you can send it together with results at the end of the competition within 7 days from its end. If you send later we will process results but cannot post the winners.

Accepted media requirements:
Text: in English, 1000 maximum characters, for the announcement - a link to your website with the registration page, for the results - names of the winners and their countries. If there are several podiums name photos accordingly: e.g. overall.jpg, women.jpg, sport.jpg.
Images: 1 to 4 photos, not less than 1200x800px, high quality, no pixelization, no naked people, no mess, no dark or super exposure, no letters on photos; for registration open – flying site with gliders is preferable, for results – clear seen faces, no back showing people.
If you want to send the event logo, add it separately as one of the photos, on a colour background (white, black, blue, etc.).

You can add sponsor names to the text.

If you want to post a competition banner, then we keep our right not to accept it without any explanation. Not every competition banner can look good on the Facebook post and we do not have time to argue or workforce to correct it. So, only if you have a good one specially designed for social media, send it to us and we may accept.

The support is provided free of charge to the organisers. Do not miss this opportunity to promote your event and make better media coverage to you and your sponsors!