02 Feb 2018

CIVL Plenary 2018: Committees at work

The second day of the Plenary work in San Joao da Madeira Portugal. The weather is fine but no time to enjoy. Plenary committee section discussions are on the way. The first-day joint paragliding and hang gliding meeting successfully discussed and reviewed all general sports proposals.


Paragliding XC committee headed by Adrian Thomas has checked all the bids and came to satisfying conclusions on CCC gliders and ballast issues. At hang gliding committee the hottest discussion tackled the topics of the number of competitors and live tracking issues, which never the less were resolved. Paragliding accuracy this time was most numerous.

Top Photo: The paragliding accuracy committee members that are working at the Plenary stood up for a brief time to pay their respects and homage to Tomas Lednik who unfortunately recently had a fatal paragliding accident. Tomas was a leading light in paragliding accuracy competitions and a multidiscipline aviation sportsman who is sadly missed.

All discussed questions are on the Agenda.