10 Feb 2018

CIVL Plenary 2018: What's up in Paragliding?

The main work of the Paragliding Committee was the CCC 2018 update. The document is going through its final error-check and polish right now - but the agreement from the Plenary was for subtle changes only - remove those elements that we cannot accurately measure (mainly wing measurements), permit pilots to ballast up to 95kg if they want to, and perform all the test flights on the 95kg wing, with other sizes to be produced by scaling and manufacturer self-certified (as in CCC 2016). That work has taken up most of the Paragliding Committee’s time (thanks Luc, Torsten et al), but there was some spare energy for Daniel Dimov’s “Real Leading Points” which will be available as an option in FS, implemented by Daniel and allowing leading points to really assess who did all the work leading out, rather than just being a measure of progress.