19 Jan 2021

CIVL Plenary 2021 Agenda and Delegates list updated

CIVL Plenary Agenda was updated. You can find the added and modified documents here   https://www.fai.org/page/civl-meetings .

Added CIVL President report, reports of PG XC and HG XC committees and updated Annex 33c "Proposal Portugal on records"

In the meantime, the list of delegates was updated too. And we thank those who took time to control the previous publication and check it out with the NACs.

Please find below the updated list fo CIVL delegates for the Plenary 2021.

CIVL  discussion of the Plenary documents is going on currently on Basecamp - online forum and project management space.

All the delegates received invitations to join by the emails provided to FAI by their NACs. See below the in the list who is currently joined Basecamp to take part in the discussions.

However, not all of them accepted the invitation. It might have happened that the email provided by the NAC  is not the one that the delegate reads.

If you are the delegate from this list, and you plan to take part in the Plenary and till now you cannot find the email with the invitation to CIVL Basecamp, please do not hesitate to contact CIVL administrator.

UPD: List Updated 28 January, 2021

NAC FAI Memebership Status Name Position Joined CIVL Basecamp
Albania Active Eltion Thanasi Alternate Delegate No
Albania Active Alket Islami Delegate Yes
Algeria Active Said Agroum Delegate No
Algeria Active Abid Zahr Eddine Berchi Alternate Delegate No
Argentina Active Marcelo Augusto Bozzo Alternate Delegate No
Argentina Active Eduardo Sánchez Granel Delegate Yes
Australia Active Hamish Barker Delegate Yes
Austria Active Thomas Brandlehner Alternate Delegate No
Austria Active Herbert Siess Delegate Yes
Belarus Active Yauheni Vikhor Delegate No
Belgium Active Jean Solon Delegate No
Belgium Active Jochen Zeischka Alternate Delegate Yes
Bosnia and Herzegovina Suspended Mirvad Zenuni Delegate No
Brazil Active Thomas Milko Delegate Yes
Bulgaria Active Michail Yankov Delegate No
Bulgaria Active Daniel Dimov Alternate Delegate Yes
Canada Active Stewart Midwinter Delegate Yes
China (People's Republic of) Active Yongli Wang Delegate No
China (People's Republic of) Active Jialun Hou Alternate Delegate Yes
Chinese Taipei Active Elsa L.C. Mai Delegate Yes
Colombia Active Claudia Lucia Mejia de la Pava Delegate No
Croatia Active Darko Potocki Delegate Yes
Croatia Active Ivica Huljek Alternate Delegate Yes
Cyprus Active Sotos Christoforou Delegate No
Czech Republic Active Petr Nedoma Alternate Delegate No
Czech Republic Active Kamil Konecny Delegate Yes
Denmark Active Henrik Strandgaard Alternate Delegate No
Denmark Active Niels Jorgen Askirk Delegate Yes
Egypt Active El Sayed Faisal El Shenawy Delegate No
Estonia Active Matteo Bonfanti Alternate Delegate No
Estonia Active Jaano Rassa Delegate Yes
Finland Active Esa Alaraudanjoki Delegate Yes
Finland Active Juha Herrala Alternate Delegate Yes
France Active Marc Nossin Delegate No
France Active Julien Garcia Alternate Delegate Yes
Germany Active Harry Buntz Alternate Delegate Yes
Germany Active Robin Friess Delegate Yes
Greece Active George Kapsimalis Alternate Delegate No
Greece Active Klidaras Elias Delegate Yes
Guatemala Active José Ricardo Sandoval Delegate No
Guatemala Active Ledwuin Leonardo Conde E. Alternate Delegate No
Hong Kong, China Active Kelly Chan Delegate No
Hong Kong, China Active Ho-Nam Chiu Alternate Delegate Yes
Hungary Active Adel Honti Alternate Delegate Yes
Hungary Active Kaszás Sándor Delegate Yes
Iceland Active Hans Krisjan Gudmundsson Delegate No
India Active Anisha Suresh Delegate Yes
Indonesia Active Aldamanda Asmara Lubis Alternate Delegate No
Indonesia Active Wahyu Yudha Delegate Yes
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Active Mohammad Razeghi Delegate Yes
Ireland Active Dara Hogan Delegate No
Ireland Active Philip Lardner Alternate Delegate Yes
Israel Active Shmuel Korb Delegate No
Israel Active Shay Or Alternate Delegate No
Italy Active Gianbasilio Profiti Alternate Delegate Yes
Italy Active Barbara Sonzogni Delegate Yes
Japan Active Yoshiki Oka Delegate Yes
Japan Active Akira Mutazono Alternate Delegate Yes
Kazakhstan Active Igor Virshski Delegate Yes
Korea Active Youngjong Park Alternate Delegate Yes
Korea Active Sangil Han Delegate Yes
Kosovo Active Ardall Celina Delegate No
Kosovo Active Shkumbin Vula Alternate Delegate No
Latvia Active Inese Subevica Delegate Yes
Liechtenstein Active Paul Koch  Delegate Yes
Lithuania Active Egidijus Šatas Alternate Delegate No
Lithuania Active Martynas Makelis Delegate Yes
Luxemburg Active Gregory Knudson Delegate No
Luxemburg Active Rob van Der Poel Alternate Delegate No
Malaysia Active MAHAMUD Jantan Delegate No
Malaysia Active NURHAQIMY Ismail Alternate Delegate No
Mexico Suspended Felipe Karam Partida Delegate Yes
Mexico Suspended Eduardo Pánuco Rodríguez Alternate Delegate Yes
Mongolia Active Bold Purevdelger Alternate Delegate Yes
Mongolia Active Tuul Cohogsomjav Delegate Yes
Mozambique Active Cesar Silva Delegate No
Netherlands Active Marga Van Woensel Delegate Yes
New Zealand Active Nick Taber Delegate No
New Zealand Active Duncan Macnab Alternate Delegate No
North Macedonia Active Alexandar Gacevski Alternate Delegate Yes
North Macedonia Active Goran Dimiskovski Delegate Yes
Norway Active Jon Erik Staurset Alternate Delegate Yes
Norway Active Oyvind Ellefsen Delegate Yes
Pakistan Active Abdul Jabbar Bhatti Delegate No
Pakistan Active Syed Sajjad Hussain Shah Alternate Delegate No
Palestine Suspended Fesal S.A. Njoom Delegate No
Philippines Active Moonyeen Policarpio Delegate Yes
Philippines Active Michael Vincent Plotade Alternate Delegate Yes
Philippines Active Jason Afable Luengo Observer Yes
Poland Active Andy Jaxa - Rozen Delegate Yes
Poland Active Jacek Profus Alternate Delegate Yes
Portugal Active Antonio José Pires Fernandes Alternate Delegate Yes
Portugal Active Cristiano Pereira Delegate Yes
Romania Active Valentin Popa Delegate Yes
Russian Federation Active Evgeniya Belova Delegate Yes
Russian Federation Active Alexandra Serebrennikova Alternate Delegate Yes
Saudi Arabia Active Abdulbari Mohammed Alabdullah Delegate No
Serbia Active Rosic Nebojsa Alternate Delegate No
Serbia Active Zeljko Ovuka Delegate Yes
Singapore Active Chang Swee Hong Ivan Delegate No
Singapore Active Christopher Hsieh Alternate Delegate No
Slovakia Active Matus Skvarka Alternate Delegate No
Slovakia Active Emil Cervenan Delegate Yes
Slovenia Active Igor Erzen Delegate Yes
South Africa Active Louise Liversedge Alternate Delegate No
South Africa Active Khobi Bowden Delegate Yes
Spain Active Jose Luis Diaz Iraeta Delegate No
Spain Active José Manuel Sanchez Garcia Alternate Delegate Yes
Sweden Active Hans-Peter Fallesen Alternate Delegate No
Sweden Active Bengt Pettersson Delegate Yes
Switzerland Active Michael Sigel Delegate Yes
Switzerland Active Martin Scheel Alternate Delegate Yes
Thailand Active Preecha Chaisanuk Alternate Delegate Yes
Thailand Active Gp. Capt. Veerayuth Didyasarin  Delegate Yes
Turkey Active Kamil Demirkan Delegate No
Turkey Active Abdullah Yildiz Alternate Delegate Yes
Ukraine Active Serhiy Serheev Alternate Delegate No
Ukraine Active Andrii Vitchenko Delegate No
United Arab Emirates Active Mohammed Yousif Alternate Delegate No
United Arab Emirates Active Yousif Hassan Ali Al Hammadi Delegate No
United Kingdom Active Brett Janaway Delegate Yes
United Kingdom Active Phil Chettleburgh Alternate Delegate Yes
USA Active Bill Hughes Alternate Delegate Yes
USA Active Jamie Shelden Delegate Yes
Venezuela Active Alberto Ramia Caceres Alternate Delegate No
Venezuela Active Carlos Aparicio Huizi Delegate Yes
Vietnam Active Quoc Tuan Dang  Delegate Yes