05 Feb 2019

CIVL President and the Bureau are re-elected. PG committee changes the Chair.

CIVL Bureau and Presidential elections took place on February 2-3, 2019 during the annual Plenary meeting of FAI Hang-gliding and Paragliding Commission. The delegates from 22 countries and 4 proxies, present at the Plenary, handed-in their nominating bulletins to Markus Haggeney - FAI Sport Events Manager. The voting rules say that the President is elected by the absolute majority and Vice-Presidents and Committee chairs are elected by the plural majority.

All previous period officials stood for their positions with the exception of Adrian Thomas, who asked PG committee to accept his resignation. Due to work reasons, he is currently unable to effectively perform as Committee Chair, though we hope to that he will continue to contribute to the development of the sport with his knowledge and most valuable experience. 

On February 3d, Markus Haggney announced the nominees and conducted the election. Here are the results:

CIVL President

1 nominee - Stephane Malbos - re-elected by acclamation.



All nominees - Igor Erzen, Jamie Shelden, Goran Dimiskovski, Zeljko Ovuka - re-elected by acclamation.



1 nominee - Andrew Cowley - re-elected by acclamation.




1 nominee - Mitch Shipley - re-elected by acclamation.



HG XC Committee

2 nominees: Jamie Shelden and Mitch Shipley.

Mitch Shipley stated he will not stand for the position.

Jamie Shelden re-elected by acclamation.



PG XC Committee

4 nominees: Zeljko Ovuka, Goran Dimiskovski, Didier Mathurin, Adrian Thomas

Zeljko Ovuka, Didier Mathurin, Adrian Thomas stated they will not stand for the position

Goran Dimiskovsky elected by acclamation


PGA Committee

1 nominee - Riikka Vilkuna - re-elected by acclamation.


PG Aerobatics Committee

1 nominee - Claudio Cattaneo - re-elected by acclamation.


Congratulations to the elected officials! The work will go on!