06 Aug 2022

European PG XC Championships 2022 - all 4 gold medals go to France

16th FAI European Paragliding Championships 2022 took place from July 25 till August 06 in Nis, Serbia. The event has successfully run 6 cross-country tasks from 73 to 101 km long. It was organized by the AeroClub of Serbia with the support of the municipalities of Pantelej and Nis. 

Congratulations to the winners


1. Luc Armant FRA

2. Maxime Pinot FRA

3. Honorin Hamard FRA


1. Meryl Delferriere FRA

2. Constance Mettetal FRA

3. Elisabeth Egger AUT


1. Lois Goutagny FRA

2. Simon Mettetal FRA

3. Meryl Delferriere FRA


1. France

2. Czech Republic

3. Italy


All results: https://civlcomps.org/event/ECHSerbia/results

Team leaders speak abut the event

Event blog https://civlcomps.org/event/ECHSerbia/blog?index=2022-07-25

Video transmission from the prize-giving ceremony