22 Jun 2022

Officials working at PGA Asian 2022

In total 70 pilots from 12 nations are competiting in the 4th FAI Asian Paragliding Accuracy Championships. The event will last 8 days from June 21 till June 29, 2022. It will also be used as a training and evaluation ground for the future Category 1 Judges. The officials working on the event will be accessed by the Chief and Event judges and hopefully, some of them will receive a recommendation for promotion.

The Judging team consists of

  • Chief Judge Koungyoung Park KOR
  • Event Judge Inga Polennikova LAT 
  • Deputy Event Judge Andris Paže LAT 
  • Target Judge Raju Rai IND  
  • Target Judge Ruslana Syssoyeva KAZ  
  • Target Judge Irina Radzevil KAZ  
  • Target Judge Natalya Sorsova KAZ  
  • Target Judge Marina Kochubey KAZ  
  • Target Judge Oleg Medvedev KAZ
  • Target Judge Sergei Naberukhin KAZ
  • Target Judge Natalya Baiserikova KAZ
  • Target Judge Bauyrzhan Baiserikov KAZ
  • Target Judge Alikhan Bersanov KAZ

Chief Judge Koungyoung Park KOR

Target Judge Raju Rai IND  


The work of FAI PGA Judges is hard - utmost attention under the heat of sun.



FAI Officials are:

  • Jury President: Zeljko Ovuka SER
  • Jury Members: Tuul Choqsomjav MNG and Dinara Usmanova KAZ
  • FAI Steward: Riikka Vilkuna

Organising Team

  • Event director: Igor Virshki
  • Meet Director: Rustam Ababakirov
  • Safety Director and Weather Forecast: Yuriy Medvedev
  • Scorer, IT: Lyubov Otorvina, Marina Trippel
  • HQ/Admin:  Aiganym Nurmukhambetova
  • Launch Marshall: Rinat Mazhitov
  • Public and PressRelations: Alexandr Bagrov
  • Transport: Vladislav Plotnikov

Event director: Igor Virshki and FAI Steward Riikka Vilkuna

Public and PressRelations: Alexandr Bagrov and Event Judge Inga Polennikova

Meet Director: Rustam Ababakirov

Marina Trippel at the scoring comp

Launch Marshall: Rinat Mazhitov

Watch live streaming of the event at https://youtu.be/l1ZpOb7dPrQ

Event website https://civlcomps.org/event/pga-asian-2022