24 Oct 2023

PGA Worlds 2023 - 7 rounds - a first knockout

The second day of the championship began with overcast skies and high clouds and calm winds at the target area. As a consequence many pilots achieved low scores, landing precisely on the 2cm dead centre spot at the centre of the electronic target. Mid-morning, the unpredictable winds returned and increased at the launch area such that the organisers had to pause the flying until at 15:00 hours. Fortunately, the third round was completed albeit the scores are to be made official the following day.
Currently in the overall category, the pilot positions and scores are provisionally  as follows:

  1.  Yang Chen                          CHN       01
  2.  Jirasak Witeetham           THA       07
  3.  Valery Tzvetanov              BUL        08
In the women's event

  1.  Rika Wijayanti                   IND        20
  2.  Nathalia Pinxon Gomez   COL        73
  3.  Lucie Martikova                CZE        84

In the Junior category:

  1.  Linus Schubert                  GER        11 (and fourth overall!)
  2.  Jihun Yoo                            KOR        14
  3.  Lennard Schubert            GER        15

In the team event, China leads Germany and Indonesia with the total scores being, 20, 41 and 43 cms respectively.
20 pilots of completed their flights in the fourth round at the end of the second day with the predicted weather forecast hopefully allowing completion of the 4th and 5th rounds.

The third day of the event started with much better weather with wind speeds of less than 2 m/s at the target and less thermic activity than the previous day. However, this changed as the thermals grew stronger during the day and the competitors challenged the judging team by arriving from all directions. Fortunately, towards the end of the day conditions improved considerably, associated with the improvement of scoring including several less than 5cms and only a few relaunches.

Rounds four and five were successfully completed and a significant number of flights in round 6. It is hoped looking forward that the sixth round will be finished tomorrow as this will complete the team category of the event as well as leading into the first knockout stage of the competition for individuals only - overall, women and juniors.

At the end of Round 5, in the overall category, the pilot positions and scores are provisionally as follows:

  1.  Yang Chen                          CHN       01
  2.  Jihun Yoo                            KOR        09
  3.  Jirasak Witeetham           THA       09

In the women's ranking

  1.  Rika Wijayanti                   IND        36
  2.  Donghwa Yang                   KOR        37
  3.  Eunyoung Cho                   KOR        76

In the Junior category:

  1.  Jihun Yoo                            KOR        09
  2.  Linus Schubert                  GER        15
  3.  Lennard Schubert            GER        16

In the team event, there were big changes with Indonesia jumping into the lead, closely followed by Czechia and South Korea with their total scores being: 99, 128 and 186 cms respectively.
It is anticipated that tomorrow will be crucial with the potential for some very close finishes in all categories of the event.


The fourth day of the event arrived with excellent weather for paragliding accuracy with low wind speeds of less than 2 m/s at the target and little thermic activity. 

Round 6 was successfully completed meaning that the final team results were achieved.

The winning team was Indonesia closely followed by Czechia and South Korea. The teams were:

1st: Indonesia: Rizky Maulana, Aris Afriansyah, Rika Wijayanti and Purnomo Alamsyah

2nd: Czechia: Vlastimil Vachtl, Vlastimil Kricnar, Lucie Martinkova and Radek Václavik

3rd: South Korea: Taesoo Lee, Eunyoung Cho, Donghwa Yangand Jihun Yoo.

The new knock-out system then kicked in with pilots in the first 60 places continuing into the next two rounds.

The organisation managed to run rounds seven and eight, which led to a further knockout whereby only the leading 40 pilots plus an additional 4 places in the women’s category go forward into tomorrow’s rounds 9 and 10. Thereafter, there will be another cut such that competitors in the best twenty positions will go forward into the final two rounds together with a minimum of the leading six women and six junior pilots. 

At the end of Round 7, in the overall category, the pilot positions and scores are:
1. Yang Chen  ​​CHN ​02
2. Jihun Yoo  ​​KOR​ 10
3. Jaka Gorenc ​​SLO​ 16

In the women’s event, there was no change in positions:

1. Rika Wijayanti ​​IND​ 42
2. Donghwa Yang  ​​KOR​ 58
3. Eunyoung Cho  ​​KOR​ 104

In the Junior category:

1. Jihun Yoo ​​KOR ​10
2. Lennard Schubert ​GER​ 22
3. Linus Schubert​​ GER​ 23

Round 8 scores are still provisional and will be made official tomorrow.