FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM)

F1 Free Flight Rankings

Free Flight Ranking positions on May 1 2022

The purpose of the Free Flight Ranking is to demonstrate the relative merit of performances by competitors on a continued basis. Results are included from all Championships and World Cup events in each class.

The ranking score from an event consists of two components added together:

a) a results part with points awarded on the same basis as the World Cup

b) a ranking position component. This allocates points according to how well a competitor’s performance compares to others – points awarded if he has placed above higher-ranked competitors and points subtracted if he has been beaten by lower-ranked competitors.

The scores form events in the last 12 months are counted in full. Events between 12 and 24 months have scores reduced linearly so that events older than 24 months make no contribution to the ranking. A total of 6 events can be counted to make the competitor’s ranking score, except that all negative scores are counted.

The ranking is evaluated every 2 months. The results contributing to each competitor’s score are shown in the format XY15=nn+pp where XY is the abbreviation for the World Cup event or WC or EC or AC for World, European or Asian Championships, 15 indicates an event in 2015, nn shows the results points (a) and pp shows the ranking position points (b) which will be preceded by + or – sign.

Class F1A

Position Name NAC Ranking score place change since previous ranking Score change since previous ranking Results since last ranking Other contributions to current score Results not contributing to score
1 Per Findahl SWE 3233 0 + 33 SW22=603 DW22=584 BC22=553-3 EA22=458-3 KW22=607 NA22=595 SP21=563 MM22=0-66 HE21=0-70 KZ21=0-133 MM20=548 SE21=519 SR19=513+2 WB21=513-3 SB21=492-6 KW20=483-6 KU19=460+4 WC19=363-32 EQ19=321-2 DK21=324-10 DK19=262+2 SE19=259+2 SZ19=221+1 NA20=240-30 SL19=199-3 NO19=116-6 PR19=133-31 BC19=98 SW19=76-1 MM19=64 KW19=55 NA19=48-1
2 Jama Danier CAN 2857 + 3 + 73   MM22=608+10 KW20=547+10 KW22=536+6 SR21=519+3 NA22=510+6 HC21=503 MM21=0-20 KU19=0-89 SR19=0-131 WC19=0-161 CN21=502 NA20=434 MM20=356-13 CN19=278 KU21=258-6 HC19=187-1 MM19=68+4 NA19=65+3 KW19=5-2
3 Dusan Fric CZE 2834 -1 -174 KR22=374-20 SP22=319-26 SL21=539 SZ21=529 WC19=477+8 WB21=487-3 ZE21=460-6 SP21=429-16 HO21=0-70 KU19=403 SB21=393-16 WB19=334-4 KZ21=296-36 SL19=195+1 SZ19=179-2 CS19=151-1 SB19=118-39 SR19=104-88
4 Kosma Huber SWE 2699 -1 -153 SW22=394-6 BC22=290-23 KR22=264-30 SP22=0-93 KZ21=506+13 SP21=490+10 ZE21=494+3 SE21=452+3 DK21=451+3 WB19=405+26 KR19=14-17 SW19=0-6 BC19=0-9 AN19=0-12 SP19=0-17 DK19=0-17 SB19=320+17 HO21=338-10 SB21=318-10 VS19=226+3 NO19=199+4 WB21=186-16 SE19=159+6
5 Robert Hellgren SWE 2661 + 44 + 1006 BC22=617+6 EA22=587+10 SW22=462 DW22=0-3 SR19=473+62 KU19=235+24 SE21=261-3 NO19=0-6 WC19=0-64 DK21=260-3 SE19=82+14 BC19=81+3 DK19=65+9 SW19=48+1
6 Anze Gaberscek SLO 2630 + 5 + 140 CV22=477 KC21=503+43 CT21=509+6 CR21=412+46 WB21=357+46 MR19=240+45 CT19=0-1 HE19=0-6 PR19=0-47 KC19=194+28 SB21=70+6 DA21=0+3

Class F1B

1 Sevak Malkhasyan USA 3144 0 + 18   SR21=520+40 KU21=519+36 KW22=536+10 KW20=456+80 MM22=485+6 MM21=460+30 KW19=0-5 MM19=0-6 MM20=0-23 NA22=182-13 SR19=50+30
2 Alexander Andriukov USA 2835 + 1 + 52   NA20=543+6 EU21=538+3 MM21=520 HC21=507 CN21=505 KW22=472-6 KW19=0-9 CN19=0-12 CR19=0-19 MM22=0-76 WC19=0-137 NA22=463-6 UN21=426-3 SR21=403-6 SR19=409-17 KU21=388-6 MR19=332 KW20=346-16 HC19=282 SL19=190+1 SZ19=159-2 KU19=154-32 SV19=112-8 NA19=67 MM20=104-43 MM19=9-8
3 Adam Krawiec POL 2810 + 7 + 401 GZ22=587 CC22=584 KR22=458-3 HA22=431-3 SP22=105-13 HG21=503 WC19=417-12 DZ19=0-22 SZ19=0-27 HO19=0-47 KZ21=0-56 WB19=386 WB21=387-6 SB21=381-10 SM19=289 ZE21=255-6 SP21=234-16 HO21=206-10 HE21=129-6 SP19=122 KR19=120 HE19=105 HG19=73-3 ZA19=56-14 SL19=30-27
4 Jerry Fitch USA 2752 + 11 + 629 WW22=580 SC22=580 AC22=194-6 UN21=513+13 SR21=460+16 KW22=407+26 MM21=403+10 MM19=0-6 NA19=0-7 MM20=0-10 SL19=0-19 KU21=0-30 NA20=0-30 MM22=0-46 SR19=0-108 NA22=288+16 KW20=237+36 HC19=113+7 CN19=112+7 SZ19=52+18 KW19=0+1
5 Michael Seifert GER 2685 -1 -96   NA22=604+10 KW20=483+23 KZ21=461+3 MM20=363+10 EF19=353+14 EF21=355+6 MM22=339-6 KW22=289-10 NA20=275 SP21=121-16 NA19=51+7 MM19=41+7 KW19=15+2
6 Ismet Yurtseven TUR 2663 0 -49   PS21=510 BU21=509 AL21=507 DA21=451 EU21=434 KU19=411+10 SZ19=0-7 DZ19=0-8 NL19=0-22 CR21=0-33 SR19=0-99 AL19=327 KC21=296-10 PR21=258-10 KC19=209 IC19=148-1 SM19=133+7 SL19=117+16 WC19=167-37 MD21=105-13 EL19=35-13

Class F1C

1 Darijo Jermol CRO 2774 0 + 19   HE21=509 DA21=504 HO21=503 ZE21=503 CR21=503 NA22=388-3 MR19=0-3 KC21=0-6 KW22=0-16 MM22=0-23 WC19=0-85 CR19=110-1
2 Marek Roman POL 2417 + 26 + 1257 KR22=578+3 SP22=578+3 CC22=387+3 GZ22=128-3 SP21=504+3 WC19=159+29 KZ21=170 CS19=163+6
3 Yury Shvedenkov CAN 2280 0 -321   CN21=500 WC19=434+2 NA20=426-3 SR19=401-2 HC19=276 CN19=275 HC21=0-3 MM20=0-26 NA19=54 MM19=18-1
4 Nikolay Rekhin RUS 2208 -2 -408   AM21=505 KU19=420 WC19=418-2 BL19=411 AT19=288 KZ19=285 NL19=0-13 EL21=0-50 SR19=0-54 HM19=261 NL21=145 AM19=120 EL19=116-1
5 Mariusz Gasiorowski POL 2131 -1 -397 KR22=301-3 SP22=301-3 CC22=0-13 GZ22=0-20 KZ21=507 ZA19=365 HO19=365 WC19=357-16 SP21=0-10 DZ19=276 SM19=276 PO19=162 HG19=142 KR19=115+2 HE19=102 CS19=81 SP19=57
6 Artem Babenko UKR 2008 0 -99   MM22=587+13 MM20=451+6 KW22=430+6 SR19=318+11 NA22=195+3 NA19=46 KW19=0-3 MM19=0-3 SL19=0-9 SZ19=0-11 KW20=0-16 NA20=0-16  

Class F1E

1 Alexander Winker GER 2613 + 5 + 288 OK22=603 FB22=602 PM19=380 MT19=360 CH19=355 WE19=314-1 PE19=306-7 GV19=138-14 OK19=124-2 FB19=75 VL19=92-20
2 Tom Ioerger USA 2547 0 -107   KA22=584 CE19=468+2 CA22=457-3 SI19=437+13 SI21=380 CE21=252+3 KO19=0-2 WE19=0-8 CA20=0-16 KE20=0-20 KO21=255-3 CA21=105-10 KE19=22+1
3 Jean-Luc Drapeau FRA 2524 0 + 31   TZ21=532+23 VL21=513+3 UE21=454+16 PE21=429-3 RA21=369 RB21=343 GV21=0-16 OK19=0-18 PM19=0-35 GC21=0-40 UE19=0-46 PM21=263-13 PA19=232-1 MT19=210-32 WE19=163-17 PC19=148-10 TC19=148-10 PE19=147-16 BG19=127-10 RB19=111 CH19=127-39 FB19=75 CA19=62 RA19=52-5 KE19=33
4 Andre Trachez FRA 2446 -3 -247   PM21=523 VL21=426-3 GV21=426-3 MT19=332+81 PE19=379+4 TZ21=368-6 GV19=0-14 PM19=0-32 VL19=0-35 TZ19=310+35 GC21=336-6 UE19=267+33 GC19=234+24 UE21=270-16 PE21=150-26 CH19=0+6
5 Franciszek Kanczok POL 2103 -1 -279   TZ21=486+6 UE21=417 GC19=345+3 SG19=297+6 TZ19=295-1 GC21=289-6 RB19=0-16 RA19=0-18 CH19=272 MT19=248-3 WE19=238+6 UE19=162-18
6 Jakub Wisniewski POL 2027 + 1 -253   UE21=534+33 GC21=527+33 CH19=259+52 TZ19=266+31 UE19=147+18 VL19=134+21 MT19=0-3 GC19=0-12 GV19=0-13 JE19=62-8 SG19=0+6


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