FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM)

F1A Junior World Cup - Benedek Cup


Donated by Hungarian Association of Modellers

The trophy has been named as BENEDEK CUP for the memory of the well known Hungarian aeromodeller Gyorgy Benedek, who passed on April 19,2004 in the 83rd year of his fruitful life.

He started his activity at the end of the thirties in outdoor and indoor free flight, performed several airfoil tests and designed his world wide famous and still used "B" airfoil series. He was successful competitor as well, mainly in free flight, but later he Was active also in control line. He was one time world champion in F1 B team, made several dozens of world and national records, won dozens of national championships in several classes. One of his world records (No.103, open glider, height of 2364 m) is still valid since 1948.

He founded in 1957 and led through about 5 years the small factory that has produced the successful MOKI engines (it is still producing big size engines).

Then through about 25 years he was officially forbidden to take part in our sport and hobby because of political reasons. In 1987, when the later political changes were already in the air he was rehabilitated and become active again on the field of CO2 gas engine development, establishing the F1 K class and was again successful competitor.

He was holder of the FAI-CIAM Antonov Diploma for his technical innovations.

Current status

Box: yes

Condition: good


Current holder 2016: Luca Aringer (Austria)

Previous holders

2015: Luca Aringer (Austria)
2014: Mikhail Lomov (Russia)
2013: Petra Meglaj (Croatia)
2012: Nikolay Lomov (Russia)
2011: Daniel Rossler (Czech Republic)
2010: Nikolay Bardarov (Bulgaria)
2009: Oscar Findahl (Sweden)
2008: Janis Zarins (Latvia)
2007: Janis Zarins (Latvia)
2006: Gabriela Domokova (Slovakia)
2005: Matthew Cuthbert (Great Britain)
2004: Veronika Vivchar (Ukraine)
2003: Istvan Szentpeteri (Hungary)